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The Science of HALO™

Our patented SMARTCORE™ technology in HALO’s collar slows down rapid head and neck acceleration during impacts and collisions by up to 30%*, improving neck stability and increasing user safety.

*Source: Western University, 2019

Our patented SMARTCORE™ technology slows down rapid head and neck acceleration during impacts and collisions by up to 30%*

*Source: Western University, 2019

Advanced Protection. Unparalleled Performance

The innovation of HALO was made possible due to the advancements in material science. HALO allows wearers to continue to perform and challenge their physical limits. After recognizing a GAP between body and head protection, the team at AEXOS became uniquely positioned to study the mitigation of neck pain and injuries due to physical stress, impact, repetitive use and muscular fatigue.

The HALO is able to protect the neck [and brain] through a rate sensitive foam, that when placed against the skin is designed to reduce neck accelerations during impacts/collision without restrictions to mobility during activity. FEA modelling and preliminary research shows promise that the advanced base layer inside of our patented collar responds by momentarily stiffening to slow down the rapid head and neck movements. The HALO also provides additional support to joints and muscles while working with the natural movements of the wearer, without affecting the range of motion or mobility. It’s soft, comfortable, and flexible until you really need it.

The result is the ability to perform, protected, longer, safer and more comfortably.


  • Neck fatigue (due to prolonged use/helmet weight etc.)
  • Reduction in micro/minor & macro impacts during activity
  • Inertial impact (bumps, vibration, or quick shifts in speed)
  • Force/strain on neck during activity (ex: equestrian/gymnastics etc)
  • Poor posture positions (ex: gardening/occupational)



Compression equipment designed to reduce whiplash


Preliminary research by Western University is looking to better understand the impact of HALO use in play in contact sports. The study looked at quantitative helmet accelerations between players wearing the HALO and players not wearing the HALO. Players who wore the technology felt the HALO collar made them feel safer and more confident in a decreased risk of injury when engaging in head contact. Our mission at AEXOS is to bridge the gap between research, innovation and on field application to better protect athletes.