HALO™ is Endorsed by Safe 4 Sports and is Currently Being Tested by the Canadian Department of National Defense

Available for Pre-Order on Kickstarter for Fall Delivery

WATERLOO, Ontario – August 8, 2018 – AEXOS (Advanced Exoskeletal Systems) today announces the launch of HALO™ – a compression shirt designed to perform like equipment by reducing whiplash of the head and neck during impacts in contact sports. The advanced base layer provides postural support that works with the natural movements of an athlete, without affecting range of motion or mobility.  This innovative technology exclusive to HALO™, has been endorsed by Safe 4 Sports and is currently being tested by the Canadian Department of National Defense and Wilfrid Laurier University Golden Hawks football program. Pre-orders for HALO™ are available through Kickstarter with product being delivered this fall.

Unlike other sports equipment that protects against impact to the head (i.e. padded helmets), AEXOS created HALO™ as a means of improving the body’s resistance to whiplash injury, which is well documented as a critical component of concussions.  HALO™ uses proprietary technology and innovative materials that emulate and support the natural movement of the cervical spine to deliver three forms of support for the athlete: neck support to reduce stress and fatigue on the head and neck, postural support of the torso and upper body, and a reduction of head kinematics during impact. The core technology behind HALO™ allows the shirt’s collar to stiffen during a whiplash event, improving neck stability and reducing causal factors of whiplash injury and concussion.

Founders and brothers Charles and Rob Corrigan started AEXOS in 2015 when they saw significant advances in material science, and how they could be used to stabilize parts of the body in contact sports. Their combined experiences as athletes with a history of concussions made it far more personal for the founders. They worked alongside Tactix, a Montreal-based design firm, on the development and final design of HALO™ and hired Biokinetics, a ballistics testing facility in Ottawa, and researchers at the University of Waterloo to validate and quantify the performance of HALO™.

“We’ve spent the last three years developing HALO™ to create lightweight, high-performance protection for athletes that is unlike anything else available today,” said Charles Corrigan, CEO of AEXOS. “The result is a whole new approach to protecting athletes in a way that wasn’t possible a few years ago.”

Safe 4 Sports, a division of Stop Concussions, has partnered with AEXOS and recognizes HALO™ for its ability to improve the safety of athletes engaged in contact sports.  The organization provides leadership and practical steps toward injury prevention by empowering sport organizations, administrators, parents, and players to become more aware and more actively involved in the process of making sports safe. HALO™ has also been pre-qualified by Canadian Department of National Defense for testing and usage by various divisions of the military through The Government of Canada BCIP and Canadian Universities including the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks have begun using HALO™ base layer for their football team sports equipment to protect their players from injuries.

For more information on AEXOS, please visit www.aexos.ca or pre-order HALO on Kickstarter, shipping Fall 2018.



Advanced Exoskeletal Systems (AEXOS) is a design and technology company advancing anatomical support in a wide range of applications. Founded in 2015 by Charles and Rob Corrigan, AEXOS’ goal is to design biomechanically assistive technology that allows wearers to continue challenging physical limits while simultaneously reducing risk of injury, stress, and strain on the body. For more information on AEXOS, please visit www.aexos.ca.

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