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The Science of HALO™

Our patented SMARTCORE™ technology in HALO’s collar slows down rapid head and neck acceleration during impacts and collisions by up to 40%*, improving neck stability and increasing user safety.

*Source: Western University, 2019

Our patented SMARTCORE™ technology slows down rapid head and neck acceleration during impacts and collisions by up to 40%*

*Source: Western University, 2019

Advanced Protection. Unparalleled Performance

HALO™ works.

A recent study by Western University demonstrated that HALO reduced rotational velocity of the head and neck by up to 40 percent during in-game impacts throughout the football season.

No helmet can protect against rotational acceleration or whiplash. HALO can.

HALO is the first product designed to reduce whiplash and rotational acceleration/deceleration, and the only product that increases neck stability and user safety without sacrificing range of motion or mobility.

Advances in medical research¹ shows a direct link between whiplash injuries and concussions. Advances in material science made HALO possible.

The SMARTCORE™ materials inside of HALO’s collar respond during hits and collisions by momentarily stiffening to slow down the rapid head and neck movements seen in whiplash injuries and concussions.




Compression equipment designed to reduce whiplash

Western University, School of Kinesiology Report

November 20, 2019

AEXOS is pleased to report the findings of a one of a kind impact study of its product in game conditions by varsity football players. The report compares players with and without the company’s patented HALO compression shirt. The impacts on players during games were measured with state of the art wireless sensors attached to players’ helmets. Data collected by players were matched for influencing criteria such as size of opponent and type of play during a game. Findings indicated a statistically significant 31% decrease in linear acceleration (whiplash) in players when wearing the Halo device. These results support the theory that the Halo compression shirt significantly reduces the whiplash effect of game situation impacts. Our clinical group hopes this will lead to a reduction in concussion related injuries knowing that these two are intimately related.

Furthermore, a 2017 University of Waterloo Impact Mechanics and Material Characterization Group computer modelling study showed no instances of injurious strain on adjacent musculoskeletal structures and wear-ability studies conducted with users have confirmed comfort and play-ability without compromising performance. All of these results reinforce the use of this device in contact sports. Studies to validate the 15% reduction in rotational velocity identified in the Western University results and assessment of the clinical implications of these findings is ongoing.

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